Ambulance reconstruction

Repairing and reconstructing the ambulances, fire engines and, other rescue vehicles is one of our services. These vehicles need to be repaired due to various reasons such as accidents, wear and tear, etc.…. Our experts repair such rescue vehicles, they also upgrade and update the equipment of your vehicle. They are ready for visiting and checking the condition of your rescue vehicle.

بازسازی آمبولانس نیسان پاترول
بازسازی آمبولانس نیسان پاترول

Recontruction of the rescue vehicles PASMED

One of the activities of the Nima P. A. S. Service Company is reconstruction of the ambulances and other rescue vehicles. Due to the sanctions and lack of the suitable vehicles for ambulance using, reconstruction of these kind of vehicles is common, and our experts would counsel and guide you.

In order to reconstructing the rescue vehicles at first, the intended car must be visited by our experts. After technical tests the items needed for reconstruction and repair or replace would be determined. And then, would be informed to the customer. After conformation by customer and in accordance with the contract, reconstruction will be started, and will be done in the least possible time.

The important factors when reconstructing an ambulance

  • Visiting and controlling the convergence of the ambulance (the floor of the car, the cabinet of the medical equipment, ambulance roof)
  • Visiting the electric system of the cabin (wiring, lighting system, power outlet)
  • Controlling warning system and ambulance siren and emergency lighting system
  • Checking The Air conditioning system of the cabin (the cooler, heater, fans)
  • Controlling the medical equipment performance (central oxygen system, trolleys, suction…)

The reconstruction of the Toyota land cruiser

after reconstruction
Before reconstruction

The reconstruction of the Mercedes- Benz Sprinter

after reconstruction
Before reconstruction

The reconstruction of the Nissan Patrol

after reconstruction
Before reconstruction

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