Toyota Hiace Ambulance

Toyota ambulance

Toyota Hiace is from the six generation of the Toyota Hiace. It has met the expectation of the car market in 18 February 2019. According to many experts like a translator, Toyota Hiace could translate the language of all previous generation of cars for today’s market. Toyota Hiace is designed by Tako Ishikawa, the chief engineer of the Toyota company. In addition to all the facilities that previous generation have, Toyota Hiace is also equipped with a turbo charger. The space design and height of the new Toyota Hiace cabin met the standards required for the ambulance using.

Toyota Hiace chassis provides more security for the passengers in front of the car. Moving the engine to the front of the car is one of the major changes in the Toyota Hiace. This change has improved the position of the front seats. The heat and vibration of the engine no longer bothers the passengers.

The technical specifications of the Toyota Hiace ambulance

  • Engine volume: 3500cc
  • Number of cylinders:6
  • 24valve DOHC (double overhead camshaft)
  • Equipped with a vvt-i
  • Engine power: 277.6 horse power- 6000 rmp
  • Torque:351 newton meters- 4600 rmp
  • Fuel: gasoline
  • Fuel efficiency: 9.1 kilometer per liter
  • Emission standard of Toyota Hiace ambulance: Euro5
  • Power transfer system: 6 gear manual or automatic (automatic gearbox can be ordered)
  • Brake system: ABS+VSC+BA+Ess+TRC+AUTO.LSD
  • Front suspension system: Mcpherson
  • Back suspension system: steel spring
  • The size of the tires: 235/65R16C
  • Car dimensions (mm): Length 5915, Width 1950, Height 2280
  • The distance between the centers of the wheels: 3860mm
  • The weight of the car (gross weight): 3640 kg
  • Net weight of the car with fuel and equipment: 2540kg
  • The capacity of the tank of the Ambulance: 65 liters
  • Steering system: hydraulic
  • Driver’s air bag and passenger’s air bag

Facilities and equipment of the cabin of the Toyota Hiace ambulance

  • Vehicle infrastructure, insulation, strengthening the car cabin
  • Composite and integrated floor, the floor is washable and anti-bacterial
  • Different cabinet with suitable and resistant space against humidity, for reserving drugs and other equipment.
  • Patient’s cabin has Air conditioner (two-way fan)
  • having the lighting system of the Patient cabin
  • Integrated floor covering of the patient’s cabin
  • Stainless steel panel for installing the medical equipment
  • Patient’s cabin, the control panel of the patient’s cabin and driver’s cabin and entrance door is equipped with digital monitor screen and advanced equipment
  • Internal communication system (intercom), alarms, siren, amplifier
  • 12-volt electrical output DC and AC, with extra battery for patient’s cabin
  • Technician’s chair and washable box-bench, with seat belt
  • Complete oxygen supply equipment, including oxygen cylinder, outlet, flow meter, humidifier
  • Medical portable suction
  • Automatic stretcher with two-story platform
  • Chair stretcher
  •  Resuscitation bag with complete equipment
  • Wall manometer
  • Serum dangle
  • Fire extinguisher and safety box
  • Safety hammer to cutting seatbelt
  • Projector to light up the outside of the ambulance

Necessary equipment for equipping an ambulance

  • Defibrillator and AED
  • Ambulance use portable ventilator
  • Patient monitor
  • Chair stretcher
  • Scoop stretcher
  • Pole stretcher
  • Serum and syringe pump
  • Fix equipment such as long backboard, head immobilizer, KED, neck collar, vacuum matters
  • Types of splinters (traction splint, rigid, tarpaulin splint, vacuum splint, static splint)
  • Disinfection device for patients’ cabin
  • All kind of consumable and pharmaceutical equipment

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