Hyundai H350 Ambulance

Hyundai Hiace 350 ambulance is turbo charge diesel engine which can be equipped in type A and B ambulance

The technical specification of the Hyundai ambulance

  • Engine capacity 2500 cc, diesel turbo charge
  • Maximum power: 170 horse power
  • Fuel type: gasoline
  • Emission standard: Euro 5
  • Front brake: disc ventil able
  • Rear brake: disc
  • Brake system: ABS, EDD
  • Gearbox: 6 manual gears
  • Dimension of the car: length: 6195, width: 2435, height: 2690

The facilities and equipment of the cabin of the Hyundai ambulance

  • Vehicle infrastructure, insulation, strengthening the car cabin
  • Composite and integrated floor which is washable and anti-bacterial
  • Different cabinet with suitable and resistant space against humidity, for reserving drugs and other equipment
  • It has air conditioner in the Patient’s cabin (two-way fan)
  • The lighting system of the Patient cabin
  • Integrated floor covering of the patient’s cabin
  • Stainless steel panel for installing the medical equipment
  • Patient’s cabin, the control panel of the patient’s cabin and driver’s cabin and entrance door is equipped with digital monitor screen and advanced equipment
  • Internal communication system (intercom), alarms, siren, amplifier
  • 12-volt electrical output DC and AC, with extra battery for patient’s cabin
  • Technician’s chair and, washable box-bench with seat belt
  • Complete oxygen supply equipment, including oxygen cylinder, outlet, flow meter, humidifier
  • Medical portable suction
  • Automatic stretcher with two-story platform
  • Chair stretcher
  • Resuscitation bag with complete equipment
  • Wall manometer
  • Serum dangle
  • Fire extinguisher and safety box
  • Safety hammer to cutting seatbelt
  • Projector to light up the outside of the ambulance

Necessary equipment for ambulance

  • AED and defibrillator
  • Portable ventilator
  • Patient monitor
  • Chair stretcher
  • Scoop stretcher
  • Pole stretcher
  • Serum and syringe pump
  • Body stabilization equipment such as long back board, head immobilizer, splint, collar
  • Disinfection device