Considering that ambulances are one of the most important emergency vehicles and are in direct contact with human lives, there are important points for buying an ambulance. Before purchasing, it is better to consult with experts and consultants.


Making ambulance and equipping rescue vehicles is One of the activities of Nima P. A. S. Service Company. Having a long history in equipping and selling ambulances and, knowing the market and first-class suppliers, we can meet the needs of customers in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality.

Selling ambulance

Ambulances ready for selling :
Jack Sunry Ambulance
Hyundai Ambulance
Toyota Hiace Ambulance
Vana Ambulance


We are up to date

The managers of the company focus on innovation. For this reason, the engineers and designers’ group of Nima p. A. S. Service company are formed from educated young people. They try to keep their knowledge up to date and progressive. Complying the standards for the products, is their goal.

Trust us

The team of Nima p. A. S. Service company, using the knowledge of engineers and understanding the relevant requirements and standards and the laws of the country of I.R. Of Iran, is by your side in purchasing and equipping and transferring the documents of emergency vehicles from the beginning to the final stage of the project.

Technical support

The equipment and devices which used in ambulances and other rescue vehicles that Nima p. A. S. Service company make them, are from reliable brands approved by the country’s equipment and emergency department. From the date of purchase, the company’s warranty and after sales services begins. For technical support and after sales-service contact us during office hours. Saturday to Wednesday from 9:00 to 17:00. Thursday from 9:00 to 13:00.

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Reconstruction of ambulances and emergency vehicles

Reconstruction of the fire engine

Ambulance making and ambulance equipping

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