Hearse is used for transporting deceased from hospital or home to cemetery. Matsuda single cabin is used for making this kind of rescue vehicles. It has equipment such as: traffic lights, alarm, air conditioner inside the cabin, cell for putting corps, the rear door can be opened at an angle of 95 degree.


Technical specifications of Matsuda Kara hearse

  • 4cylinder engine whit 1.7-liter capacity
  • Maximum power: 80 horse power
  • Final torque: 140 newton meters
  • Manual 5 speed gear
  • Single cabin, cargo capacity 800 kg
  • Brake system EDD+ABS
  • Air conditioner
  • Air bag (for both front seat)

The facilities and equipment of the Matsuda Kara hearse

  • Fiberglass cabin (according to standard instruction)
  • Harmonious between the cabin and body of the car
  • Metal structure for putting cell or the basket of the corpse
  • The floor of the cabin is strengthened
  • The inner part of the cabin is made of galvanized and it is washable
  • Inside the cabin can be disinfection and is washable
  • The shape of the cabin is aerodynamic, it has light and impact resistive to resistance stroke or impact
  • Equipped with rear cabin cooler
  • Ventilator and air conditioner
  • Insulation of seams and windows
  • Separate wiring in the cabin
  • Signs and labels and adhesive tapes will paste
  • Traffic light and side strop