Jac Sunray Ambulance

Jac Sunray ambulance has turbo charge diesel engine. It is an affordable ambulance in Iran.

Jac Sunry Ambulance

Jac Sunry is a van vehicle, high potential product of Jac company. For example, the rear cabin is suitable for equipping and making ambulance. The vans which have high cabin roof are suitable for special use. Sunry van is design for multiple purposes such as transporting patients. This kind of vehicles are ideal for compensating the lack of ambulances in the country. It has a two years warranty with a mileage of 40,000 km.

The specifications of the Diesel Jac Sunry

Jac Sunray has 2746 engine, with 4-cylinder, 147 horsepower, 3200 rmp, maximum torque 355 newton, 1800 to 2600 rmp. Diesel Jac Sunry has 6 gear and, manual gear. It has LC 6T32, it also received emission standard Euro 5. Its maximum speed is 120 km/h. Jac Sunry has 6-meter length, has 2.8 tons weight. It has 6 speed gearboxes.

In the safety field diesel Jac Sunry is equipped with disc brake in the rear and front. And it is equipped with shock break as well. In addition to ABS break and electrical distribution of break EBD it is equipped to ESC which is a unique and especial feature. It is also equipped with two air bags in front of the car, detour warning, rear sensor and anti-fog.

Diesel Jac Sunry in the field of technical facilities is equipped with clutch and hydraulic steering and automatic front light, lights for using in the day, air conditioner, electric mirror adjustment, synthetic leather seat for passengers. Radio, USB, sound system is set bottom on the steering wheel. Because this vehicle has special use for organizations or companies, it has special options such as escalator for entering to the rear cabin and, separate heating system for rear cabin as well. And it has also side window curtain.

Technical specifications of Jac Sunray ambulance

  • External dimensions of the car: 2670*2100**6000 mm
  • Internal dimension: 1900*1850*3600 mm
  • Rear jut out: 965 mm
  • Front jut out: 1455 mm
  • The distance between the central of the wheels: 3860 mm
  • The minimum turning radius: 14 m
  • 4-cylinder linear diesel engine, HFC4DE1-1D
  • The capacity of the Engine: 2746cc
  • The type of the engine: common rail+ DOC+SCR
  • Allowed power of the vehicle: 147 horse power
  • Allowed torque: 355 newtons
  • Emission standard: Euro5, EEV
  • Maximum speed: 130km.h
  • 6 gears: LC6T32
  • Front suspension system: independent Mcpherson
  • Back suspension system: steel spring
  • Break type: oil
  • Break facilities: EBD+ABS
  • Front and rear brake: disc
  • Engine shock brake, ESC can be added as an option to the vehicle
  • Tire size: 215/75R16C

The specification of the Jac Sunry ambulance

  • Hydraulic clutch
  • Hydraulic steering wheel
  • Electric window lifter
  • Sliding door
  • Day light
  • Electric side mirror
  • Air conditioner
  • Six direction manual adjustment of the driver seat
  • Chair prop is adjustable
  • Synthetic leather seat
  • Front seats have airbag
  • Anti-reflection rear mirror
  • Immobilizer and central lock
  • Sensor of the rear gear
  • Radio and USB
  • Multipurpose bottom on the steering wheel
  • Supportive escalator
  • Control cruise system
  • Front window antenna
  • Curtain for side window
  • Conditioner for passengers
  • Rear anti fog
  • Setting the height of the front light, automatic front light, devour warning, tachograph can be added to this vehicle as an option

The facilities and equipment of the Jac Sunry cabin

  • Air conditioner for patient’s cabin
  • Patients cabin lighting system
  • Integrated floor inside the cabin of the car
  • Stainless steel panel for installing the medical equipment
  • It has the control panel for patient’s cabin and driver cabin, the entrance door has digital screen

Necessary equipment for ambulance

  • AED and defibrillator
  • Portable ventilator
  • Patient monitor
  • Chair stretcher
  • Scoop stretcher
  • Pole stretcher
  • Serum and syringe pump
  • Body stabilization equipment such as long back board, head immobilizer, splint, collar
  • Disinfection device