Isuzu fire engine

Isuzu light fire engine has stainless steel carbon tank and, 3000 Godaiva designed pump. According to the customer’s order the pump can be made from Rozenbaver or zigler.

The features of the pump and tank of the Isuzu fire engine


The water pump of the Isuzu fire engine :

    •  The type of The water pump of the Isuzu light fire engine is godaiva 3000, or rozenbaver (made in Iran , with standard mark) or zigler
    • The type of the pump: centrifuge, single pressure, (10 to 12 bar)
    • The type of the vacuum device: piston- automatic, body

    Material: aluminum, cast iron

    • Water pump has final water drain valve and vacuum system
    • Outlet branches are fitted to monitor and hose reel
    • It has two outlet which is equipped with valve at the end of the pump
    • The type of the pipes is suitable for the type of the tank
    • It has One suction with hydrant and has special door and steel mesh
    • Has flange and vibration absorber. Manual gas pump also will use

the water tank of the Isuzu fire engine :

  • The water tank is made According to NFPA standard
  • The capacity of the water tank is 5000 liters (the capacity is according to permissible chassis loading)
  • The tank is made of steel carbon with 3mm thickness (according to the customer’s order stainless steel tank will be installed)
  • Waste pipe 2.5 cm diameter, it is installed in such a way that spilling water does not fall on the chassis
  • The water tank has large entrance so technicians can enter in it for periodic inspection (diameter 30 cm)
  • The door in which a person can enter the tank, has lock
  • It has longitudinal and transverse wave catcher inside the tank and it has alternating valve
  • Welding is done with a suitable electrode to the type of the tank
  • The hole inside the tank is designed with a suitable slope for the sedimentation of the solutes and sludges
  • The size of the Final drain valve and washing valve is at least 2 inches. It is allocated in a suitable and easily accessible place
  • The water tank is equipped with two water hydrants, which it has one-way valve and coupling (on each side of the device)
  • The appropriate branch is directly connected by the butterfly valve to water pump
  • The pipe filler of the tank is connected to the tank through a pump that has a suitable diameter
  • The tank is designed in a such a way that it can be separated from the chassis by 4 hooks
  • The tank is installed on the chassis via pyramid shaped vibration dampener bases in sufficient number. These bases prevent impact which causes by braking and centrifugal force to the tank
  • The aluminum ribbed sheet is installed on the tank roof for a safe traffic for the fire fighters and, for preventing them from slipping

The foam tank of the Isuzu fire engine:

  • The 500 liters foam tank is installed according to the NFPA
  • The tank is made of Euro 316 stainless steel, with 3 mm thickness
  • The tank Has a small door for technicians to enter to the tank for periodic inspection
  • The foam tank is not separate from water tank, it cannot be removed
  • 2-inch final drain valve is installed for washing the bellow of the case of the sludge collector
  • Foam tank outlet has vortex elimination device
  • The level of the water tank is marked with a suitable sign
  • The water tank has a small door for technical inspection and possible repairs and, welding (which is done with a suitable electrode)
  • For the sedimentation of the suspended solutes and sludges the tank is designed with a suitable slope

The features of the cabin and other equipment of the Isuzu fire engine


The cabin of the Isuzu fire engine :

  • It has standard profile 40*40 and 40*20
  • Used profiles in the side body and main body of the cabin is made from steel carbon profile
  • 5 shutter doors with door handle and lock for the cabin of the equipment and the cabin of the pump with easy access to different parts of the tanker
  • The designed structure of the cabin is appropriate to the cabin of the vehicle
  • It has the necessary space for installing the suction pipe and fire ladder on the roof of the car
  • Installing the ladder at the back of the car for easy access to the roof of the car
  • Roof coating and the cabin floor is made of ribbed aluminum. it can be removed or reinstalled for possible repairs
  • The pedals and fenders are designed fitted to the structure of the car.
  • Splash guard is installed at the back of the fender
  • The guard with the aluminum base around the roof of the vehicle, prevents objects from shaking and falling
  • Sufficient space is allocated inside the cabin for rescue fire equipment
  • It has Suitable and sufficient space for hose with size 1.5 and 2.5 and it has 2 rings of each size
  • The cabin is covered with aluminum
  • Pedals and handles located in a suitable place

The specification of the electricity and compressed air of the Isuzu fire engine :

  • Amplifier, speaker, microphone with high quality is installed
  • LED emergency vehicle light, light reflection mirror with a base is installed on the roof of the driver cabin
  • Lights are installed near the hose reel, equipment and pump
  • Lights and traffic signs are installed according to the standard
  • An emergency vehicle light at the back of the fire engine is installed
  • Siren and alarm with high tone and low tone sound is installed
  • Operating board at the back of the fire engine is installed which, has vacuum gage and pressure gage.
  • Indicator shows the water level and foam level
  • To avoid connecting electrical wires, electrical installation and wiring are inside the duct

Hose reel :

  • The hose reel is electric
  • It has 25 m high pressure hose which is manual
  • It has 3 mode nozzle

The power transferring system :

  • Suitable and standard propeller, providing form test and balance test
  • It has gear box supporter and, has the device which increase the speed of the engine as much as suits with the pump tornique

The features of the fire engine monitor :

  • The capacity of monitor is 3000 liters per minutes with 10 bar pressures
  • Installing monitor- base- tube and nozzle which is made of aluminum
  • 360-degree horizontal rotation and -15 to +80 vertical rotation
  • Throwing power at most 50 to 65 meters. It is also adjustable
  • Suitable for water and foam. It is manually controlled

The other equipment of the Isuzu fire engine :

  • A case for 6 rings hose. The hose is 25 meters
  • The hose of the parlon thread are 2.5 and 1.5 inches.
  • 6 kg capsule for the powder and gas and CO2
  • It has Smoke exhaust fan
  • It has nozzle which has valve, with size 2.5 and 1.5 inches
  • 5-to-2.5-inch inventor
  • First aid box
  • Helmet for fireman
  • Flash light
  • Hose pipe
  • Inflexible hose pipe
  • Filter which has valve
  • Two-piece sliding ladder with 6-meter length

The technical features of the chassis of the Isuzu fire engine

  • The vision of the mirror is wide and getting on and getting off is safe
  • It has air conditioner
  • It has hydraulic steering wheel
  • It has ECM smart system
  • It has exhaust catalyst
  • It has turbo charge and inter-cooler
  • It passed the Euro 4 emission standard
  • The minimum radius of rotation is 5.1
  • The slope maximum climbing power: 34%
  • The maximum allowed speed with load (km per hour): 102 km/ h
  • Battery 12 V-110 A
  • Dynamo 12V—60A
  • Tank capacity 75 liter
  • The size of the Tire Ring: 5/5~16
  • Tire 10 PR (71 Psi)- 16- 7.00
  • Mechanical hand brake at the end of the gearbox
  • Auxiliary brake of the engine brake
  • The type of the brake: two circuits, cup, hydraulic
  • 6 transverse poles
  • Chassis type: SAPH 440
  • The thickness of the chassis is 4.5
  • Chassis width: 740 *630 اینو چیکار کنم
  • Chassis length: 4520 m
  • The type of the chassis: ladder chassis
  • Steering wheel system: hydraulic recirculating ball steering
  • Suspension system: multi- layer flat spring, equipped with two-sided telescopic hydraulic shock absorber
  • The type of the clutch: dry diaphragm spring
  • The type of the gearbox: MSB5S
  • Maximum torque (kg. m/ R per minutes): 3200- 230/1500
  • Maximum power (horse power/ R. per minutes) 120/ 2900
  • Compression ratio: 15.9
  • Engine capacity 2999cc
  • The piston diameter and the piston stroke: 104.9 and 95.4
  • 4-cylinder engine, linear piston cylinders, direct injection, equipped with turbo charge and inter cooler
  • Total gross weight: 5.200 kg