Fire engine reconstruction

بازسازی خودرو آتش نشانی
بازسازی خودرو آتش نشانی

Fire engines are one of the most vital rescue vehicles in incidents such as fire, natural disaster, earth quick or other unforeseen incidents. Fire engines are operational vehicles and are used in critical situations, we must continuously check them for proper operation, because cars wear out over time and considering that emergency vehicles have a high price, replacing a new car is not affordable. Fire engine will reconstruct by the experts of the Nima P. A. S. Service Company at a lower cost, and your car will return to the rescue cycle as soon as possible.


Fire engine reconstruction

Fire engines are one of the most important rescue vehicles, they are directly related to people’s life and capital. Every time, whenever the fire alarm sounds, these cars must be sent to help the people without any defects, for this reason the smallest defect in the car during operation can cause irreparable accidents. Fire engines and other rescue vehicle is one of the services provided by Nima P. A. S. Service Company, for this, at first your vehicle must be evaluated by our experts.  Defects of the car will inform to the customer then reconstruction begins.



The parts which should be inspected before reconstructing an ambulance

For reconstruction a fire engine different parts of vehicle must be visited. The important parts are mentioned below:

  • The motor of the fire engine, mechanical defects and torque system
  • Different parts of the body of the car, the cabin of the fire engine and partitioning (such as: water tank, foam etc.…)
  • Fire engine monitoring
  • Telescopic and pneumatic jack (for heavy car)
  • Controlling the water sprinkler system, fire pump, water nozzle
  • Hose reel