Kapra rescue pioneer

خودرو امداد و نجات پیشرو کاپرا دو کابین

Kapra rescue pioneer is used for transferring fire-fighting equipment and rescue tools to the scene of the accident and for transferring fire- fighters immediately to the scene of the accident. High speed is the significant features of these kind of vehicles..

Double cabin fire rescue pioneer


The features of the cabin of the Kapra rescue pioneer :

  • It has Standard profile 40*40 and 40*20
  • The wall of the cabin is made of aluminum
  • The roof and the floor of the cabin is covered with 2 cm and 3 cm ribbed aluminum
  • 2 shutter door which are made of anodized aluminum
  • Two leafs door at the back of the car

The equipment of the Kapra rescue pioneer :

  • CO2 extinguisher
  • Gas powder and water powder
  • Ax
  • Crow bar
  • Scissors for cutting locks
  • Traffic cone
  • Electric winches

The technical features of the Kapra rescue pioneer



  • The capacity of the engine: CC2378
  • The type of the fuel: petrol
  • 4 cylinders
  • 16 poppet valves
  • Cylinders: linear and direct
  • Fuel system: multipoint fuel injection
  • Tank capacity: 74 liters
  • Maximum output power: 127 horse power per 5252 rpm
  • Maximum output torque: 205 newton per meter. Per 2500 to 3000 per minutes

 Gearbox : 

  • The type of the gearbox: manual
  • The number of the front gear: 5
  • Drive shaft: four-wheel drive 4W

 The car suspension and steering wheel :

  • The type of the suspension system: independent suspension system
  • Front suspension: Mcpherson
  • Rear suspension: semi-independent
  • Front shock absorber: hydraulic
  • Rear shock absorber: laminated leaf spring
  • The type of the steering wheel system: auxiliary hydraulic system

 The Brake :

  • The type of the brake system: fluid with vacuum booster
  • The type of the front disc and caliber: disc
  • The type of the rear disc and caliber: brake drum

The technical function :

  • Maximum speed: 140 km/h
  • Car acceleration: 16 seconds
  • Combined cycle of the fuel consumption: 12 liters per 100 km
  • Emission standard: Euro 6

Safety and technical facilities of the Kapra recue pioneer:

  • Airbag: for driver seat and passenger seat
  • Driver assistance system and stability system: ABS and EDD
  • Security system: central lock with remote control
  • Steering wheel subsystem: 3-spoke
  • Fan: remote control
  • Audio and video system: CD
  • Front seats: manually adjust
  • Window lift regulator: electrical adjusting
  • Reverse gear has sensor

The weight and the body of the car features:

  • The type of the car: pick up
  • Weight: 1730 kg
  • Passenger’s space: 5 people
  • The size and the type of the front tires: R16235/70
  • The size and the type of the rear tires: R16235/70