Nissan fire engine pioneer

Nissan fire engine pioneer

In many industries or factories, a pioneer fire engine is necessary and vital, because in first minutes of fire, these types of fire engines can stop or control or prevent the spread of fire.

The most important use of pioneer fire extinguisher is immediate presence and fire extinguishing at the accident. One of the features of the pioneer fire engines is high speed of this kind of vehicles. So, for this reason this type of fire engines is called pioneer. It is the first vehicle which arrives at the scene of the accident.


Fire engine pioneer


fire extinguisher pioneer are produced with several uses:

Fire extinguishing

Rescue vehicle

Extinguishing and rescuing

The main difference of pioneer extinguishers and other fire engines is its water tank and its location on vehicle. The best and trusted water tanks are 304 thickness steel tanks. These tankers are placed on heavy chassis vehicles with 2 tons, such as Toyota Hilux, Matsuda van with one cabin, Zamiad Nissan.

Because of high speed, Gasoline cars are suitable for being pioneer extinguisher. For changing the use of these cars, it is necessary to paint that chassis into red. The equipment which assembled on pioneer cars are conformed to the NFPA and, can be changed according to customer’s order. Generally, the water tank is located back of the car, water spraying at the above of the car, fire pump at the back of the car, hose reel at the corner of the rear cabin.

Technical features of the fire engines pioneer


The water tank of the Nissan fire engine pioneer :

  • Constructing and installing the water tank, according with the NFPA
  • Capacity of the water tank is 1000 liter. (The capacity is determined according to the permissible loading of the chassis)
  • The tank is made of 4 mm stainless-steel thickness
  • Diameter of the water pipe is 4 (this pipe installs in such a way that if the water spills does not fall on the chassis.)
  • The water tank has large entrance and technicians can enter in it for periodic inspection (diameter is 50 cm)
  • The water tank door has a lock
  • It has longitudinal and transverse wave catcher in the water tank and, it has alternating valve and suitable valve
  • Welding is done with a suitable electrode for the type of tank
  • The hole inside the tank is designed with a suitable slope for the sedimentation of the suspended solutes and sludge
  • It has final drain valve and washing valve, its size at least 2 inches in a suitable place and easy access place
  • The water tank is equipped with 2 water hydrants, which has German- made one way valve and coupling (on each side one device)
  • The appropriate branch is directly connected by the butterfly valve to water pump
  • The tank pipe filler is connected to the tank through a pump that has a suitable diameter
  • The tank is design in such a way that it can be separated from the chassis by 4 hooks
  • The tank is installed on the chassis via pyramid shaped vibration dampener bases. These bases prevent the strike caused by braking and centrifugal force to the tank
  • The aluminum ribbed sheet is installed on the tank roof for a safe traffic for fire fighters and, for preventing them from slipping


The foam tank of the fire engine pioneer:

    • 100-liter foam tank, according to the NFPA
    • The tank is made of Euro 316 stainless steel metal and, the thickness is 4 mm
    • The water tank has large entrance so technicians can enter in it for periodic inspection (diameter is 50 cm)
    • The foam tank can be separated from chassis
    • 2 inches final Darin valve is installed, it uses for washing the bellow of the case of the sludge collector
    • The outlet of the foam tank has vortex elimination device, it is located 5 cm above the bottom of the tank
    • The level of the water inside the tank is marked with a sign
    • The water tank has a suitable size entrance so that anyone can enter in it for inspection.
    • For the sedimentation of the suspended solutes and sludges the tank is designed with a suitable slope

    We make the Nissan pioneer fire engine with carbon tank or galvanized tank according to the customer’s order.


The water pump and piping :

  • Water pump with Godaiva 1500 design, which is made in Iran
  • The type of the pump: centrifugal force, single pressure
  • Pressure: 10 to 12 times
  • The type of vacuum device: automatic piston
  • The type of the body of the vehicle: aluminum
  • The water pump is equipped with final drain valve and, vacuum system
  • Suitable output branches, having monitor and hose reel
  • Two 2-inch output equipped with control valve at the end of the pump
  • The type of pipes is proportional to the type of tank
  • 4-inch suction device with hydrant and especial steel mesh
  • It has vibration dampener and flange
  • A gas extractor will be installed

Hose reel :

  • The vehicle has hose reel which has easy to access case and is equipped with control valve
  • The hose reel is installed with aluminum leg to prevent decay
  • The length of the hose is 20 m and its diameter is 1 inch

Electricity and compressed air:

  • Nissan fire engine pioneer has:
    • Amplifier, speaker and, microphone will be installed
    • Operating board at the back of the vehicle (pump cabin) for operating
    • LED emergency light, light reflection mirror on the roof of the fire engine
    • Lights near the hose reel, equipment cabin and pump
    • Lights and traffic signs according to the standard
    • An emergency vehicle light at the back of the fire engine
    • Siren high tone and low tone sound
    • Operating board at the back of the fire engine, which have vacuum and pressure gage
    • Indicator which shows the water and the foam level
    • For preventing any connection, electrical installation and wiring is done inside the duct

Making the cabin of the fire engine pioneer :

  • Profiles which use in main and non-main skeleton of the car is made from steel carbon profile
  • 5 shutter doors with door handle and lock for the cabin of the equipment and the cabin of the pump with purpose easy access to different parts of the tanker
  • Design is suitable for the cabin of the car
  • Considering the necessary space for installing the suction pipe and fire ladder on the roof of the car
  • Installing the ladder at the back of the car for going to the roof of the car
  • Roof coating and the cabin floor is made of ribbed aluminum. It can be removed or reinstalled for possible repairs
  • Fenders and pedals are designed fitted to structure of the car
  • Splash guard is installed at the back of the fender
  • The guards with the aluminum leg around the roof of the vehicle to prevent objects from shaking and falling
  • Inside the cabin sufficient space is allocated for rescue fire equipment
  • Suitable and sufficient space for hose with size 1.5 and 2.5, it has two rings of each size
  • The cabin is covered with aluminum
  • Pedal and handle located in a suitable place

Power transferring system of the pioneer fire engine :

  • Suitable and standard propeller which has form test and balance test
  • Increase the engine speed, suitable with the tornique pump

Painting :

  • At first all structures are degreasing
  • After degreasing coloring the under layer begins (bottom layer)
  • The parts which are in contact whit sludges and mud, are waxing or bitumen
  • Tubes or connections will paint
  • The steel structure of the cabin is painted before installing the aluminum sheet
  • The color of the frame of the cabin and the frame of the tank matches the fabric color of the vehicle
  • Painting the chassis is done after bitumen or waxing
  • If the water tank is made of carbon, it will be poly epoxide
  • According to the suggestion of experts or task master luminous paint and drawing lines will be stick

The features of the monitor :

  • The capacity of the monitor 1000~2000 liter per minutes, with 10 bar pressure
  • Installing monitor, base, tube and nozzle are made of aluminum
  • 360-degree horizontal rotation and, -15-to-+80-degree vertical rotation
  • Throwing power at most 50 to 65 meters. It is also adjustable
  • Suitable for water, foam and manual control
  • One butterfly valve, one vibration absorber, 12 bolt with size 12 cm and 6 cm, Two flange with size 3-inch, One square flange on the pump, Manisman pipe 2.5 m, Two elbow pipe with size 45, Three meters piping


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